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Introduction of magnetic pump system and application

2019-05-27 10:53:37


"Magnetic drive" refers to the coupling between the wet end of the pump and the motor. In a direct-drive pump, the impeller of the pump is attached to the shaft of the motor, a design that relies on the shaft seal to contain chemicals. In the magnetic drive pump, the wet end and the motor are two independent components connected only by the motor bracket.

A drive magnet is attached to the end of the motor shaft. When the drive magnet rotates around the rear housing, the impeller fixed on another magnet rotates synchronously. Magnetic drive pumps perform well in applications involving liquids that are corrosive, toxic, flammable, expensive or harmful to the environment due to the absence of shaft seals and leakage possibilities.

How does the magnetic pump work

It is the attraction of the driving magnet and the impeller magnet that transfers the full torque of the motor to the impeller. Since the motor shaft does not extend into the pump, no shaft seal is required. Because the impeller is not fixed on the motor shaft, so the impeller floating in the pump housing. The impeller is supported by a fixed shaft and rotates at the same speed as the motor. The only moving part in contact with the liquid is the impeller.

Without a shaft seal, the risk of leakage is usually eliminated with the shaft seal. In addition, maintenance costs are reduced because there is no time or money spent on maintenance or replacement of shaft seals. For pumps that eliminate problems and costs associated with mechanical seals, Loewe magnetic drive pumps are the best.

Introduction of magnetic pump system and application
Magnetic drive pump referred to as magnetic pump, and shielding pump, the structure only static seal no dynamic seal, so can be in the ......
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